Why Choose an Outsourcing Business Partner in the Philippines?

Most foreign businesses plan to reduce costs by looking for outsourcing business partners that can yield the expected savings and still maintain or even improve the quality of service. One of their top choices is the Philippines. Why?


Convergys Hailed as the Best Call Center in the Philippines

In key cities in the Philippines, it is common to see IT buildings filled with small scale and big time call centers in every floor. The competition of being the grandest and the best call center in the Philippines continuous to be a daily rat race from the management down to the agents. However, Convergys still ranks the first on the list. Since the emergence of call centers in the Philippines, Convergys has maintained a prestigious stance among others. Throughout the years Convergys still holds the title as the best call center in the Philippines in terms of several aspects.

One of the aspects Convergys is considered the best call center in the Philippines is the labor salary. Convergys is generous enough to give more than what other call centers in the Philippines can afford. For this reason, among other call center agents, it is their dream to work in Convergys. Some have this mindset to gain experience first from other call centers before they actually venture their destiny in Convergys. This is also strengthened and proved by the rigid hiring process of Convergys. Convergys adheres to the strictest standard in hiring from the initial screening to the final deliberation. Because of this, Convergys is seen as the best call center in the Philippines. The idea that if you work in Convergys, you are the cream of the crop.

As the best call center in the Philippines, Convergys’s agents are also required to dress the corporate way bringing with professionalism in fashion. As one might see, the best call center in the Philippines requires holistic professional development of an individual and not just the ability to utter in English. So far, Convergys shows no sign of inferiority among the budding competitors. It looks like they are here to keep their crown!